Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flea Market Find of the Year

Was out cruising an indoor flea market in Georgia while on travel a few weeks ago. Found this little gem in mint condition for $22.00. It is a replica of one the earliest 1950's McDonalds. Perfect size for 28mm zombie gaming. Also pictured are a few 1/43 scale vehicles I picked up at an outdoor flea market the day prior, and some WIP 28mm zeds looking for the "dollar menu".

Made by Danbury Mint. A/c powered analog clock on sign in front of building. Fully detailed/painted interior, with two skylights in ceiling so small light bulbs mounted above can shine through. Trying to decide what to do about the clock face - not sure if I want to keep it or replace it with some signage or hide with some bushes.

 Roof comes off as separate piece, and the interior ceiling is hinged for access, as shown above. There is room for standard 1" bases to fit around the center island, so I'll be able to have figures inside while gaming. Way cool!

View of the lighted interior. Super Size me!


  1. Wow, now that is a brilliant find I am sooo jealous, and it was so cheap, life is unfair sometimes.....

  2. Right place, right time... :-)

    It will definitely be a permanent part of my scenery.