Monday, October 14, 2013

Zomtober Week 2  --- Part Deux.

Cant have zeds running around without some survivors to chase after. Here's a set of five rather geeky civilians. They're in dire need of some weapons, as dice bags, soda cans, and fast food wont cut the mustard.

However, the gaming tomes two are carrying might have some potential.... :-)


  1. Very nice. There needs to be more good civilian types. Some Three/Four stage Characters would be great, sort of start, initial outbreak, Hardened then of course Zombie :D

    1. Yeah, that would be cool to have. Wish I had Sculpting Skillz... :-)

  2. These look great and I agree with Simon, kinda like the old TSR D&D adventurers

  3. Good group of potential survivors

  4. Thanks all. I also like the fact that they're not your normal hero type figures. Stereotypical body shapes, but I like that. I should look into getting another set and maybe adding some weapons and gear.... hmmm...

  5. I love these, although come the apocalypse, they could be in trouble!