Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zomtober Week 4 - This week we have a hospital theme going.

These are Studio Miniatures sculpts.  Still need work on the bases. I want to do some typical institutional vinyl floor tiles with a contrasting checkerboard type coloring. Not sure what to do - paint, sculpt or cut & glue the squares....

Characters eerily similar to a well known comedy series on the tube.  C'mon Newbie, you know the one...

And some other hapless Zero Day patients, again from Studio Miniatures.

"You mooove it to the left..."
"You moooove it the right..."
"Do the ER shuffle..."

And finally a few survivors.

Rule #1:Cardio !!


  1. Truly disturbing - in a good way you understand! The dried and smeared blood on the gowns is just brilliant.

  2. Fantastic work. Suitable grimy looking zombie patients!

  3. It's not often I chuckle at figures, but these had me doing so, (in a good way).
    Superb job on the zombies but the least likely looking bunch of survivors ever tops the bill !

  4. Love the finish, as Simon says, very grimy!

  5. Excellent stuff pacarat. Zombie Todd is so wrong in such a good way. :)