Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WIP - Crocodile Games Zombies

A few more modern zeds in the works - these from Crocodile Games. Pics here for four of the six figs they make.

Friday, November 26, 2010

More WIP zombies - Tengu

Some WIP Zeds from Tengu. A small range at the moment, but with great character and variety. I hope they produce some more zombies soon.


More WIP Zombies - Blue Moon

Time to get some more pics posted. Making good progress on a box set of twenty Blue Moon Manufacturing zombies. Still some details to tweak here and there.

 Really like the sculpting on these figs. Lots of variety, lots of nice details. A real pleasure to paint.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Hessian" Camouflage Tutorial - 8th Armored Division World War Two

This tutorial will demonstrate how I created and painted camouflage for my Desert Rats. Figures are 15mm Battlefront minis.

Milliput was used for the camo netting. I used a small jewelers screwdriver to create the net pattern.

Additional on-board storage, and sandbags were added.

First application of base coat. I try to use multiple thin coats, rather than one heavy.

Second thin wash of base coat, a little darker this time.

Here I have added some streaking to simulate stains from oils, mud, dirt, etc.

And here as well.

Here a much darker wash has been added. I use part water, part extender (propylene glycol) and part base coat, with a touch of dark green and brown thown in. Again, multiple thin coats is better than one heavy coat. Have to let this wash dry thoroughly, as the extender really retards the drying.
Some dry brushing for highlights, followed by multi-color camo net and stowage.

Another dark, thin wash. Then a gloss coat.

Almost done.

Decals, final highlights and matte coating.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Zeds! It starts small, and spreads....

My first attempt at painting zombies. Working on various techniques for showing trauma, decay, gore, etc. All that good stuf to make the Zeds look, well, realistic. :-)

There are three rural survivor types in the first pic below. Too bad for them - they're facing the wrong way, he he...

More to follow. I have about 80 odd Zeds on the paint table, and about a dozen or so survivors in the works as well.