Sunday, December 26, 2010

Zombie Casualty - a trial sculpt

Ok, it seems nobody makes commercial civilian type "casualty" figures for zombie gaming (or for that matter any other modern/post 19C eras). There's two options I see, converting existing zombie figs, or making my own. So, as usual, I got a wild hair, and decided to try my hand at sculpting some dead - both human and undead - to add some "flavor" (no pun intended) to my zombie gaming scenery.

I have some experience with 15mm sculpting (many many years ago), but this is my first attempt at 28mm scale figures. I am a complete novice with total figure sculpting, so this is a real stretch.  The figure was done in Milliput, using some homemade sculpting tools. I didn't use an armature, which is something I won't repeat. Limb proportions are a little off, and I think the face looks too simian, but not too shabby for a first attempt.

The sculpt itself could be a) a person that was worked over by several zeds, and not yet reanimated, or b) a zed that took a head shot. I have painted up the base to show the first option, as there are obvious signs of  struggle, feasting, and multiple footprints.

My long term plan is to first make zombie figs that have received head shots, and are therefore "down" for good. Then some civilian/survivor figs that have been chomped by zombies and have yet to be reanimated. In game terms, I'd drop one of these down wherever a zed gets taken out.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WIP - Copplestone Future Wars Zombies

Really like these guys, the zed in tightie-whities cracks me up. No time to get dressed, I guess...

WIP - Black Orc zombies

I have about 18 of the Black Orc zombies on the paint table. Here are pics of four that are close to being finished...